What Sets Us Apart? Our Nordic Marine Collagen Is Sourced Sustainably From The Skin of Wild-Caught Cod

Sustainable, Wild-Caught, Ethical – Discover more about our Marine Collagen

It’s important to us that you know what you’re putting into your body. That’s why transparency is one of the core principles of our brand. We are happy to let you in our secrets. Whether it’s ethical sourcing and our suppliers. Because, we have nothing to hide!

Where do we source our Marine Collagen?

Here at Iluminos, we don’t compromise on quality. In fact, we can guarantee our raw materials are sustainably sourced with the least amount of environmental impact.

Every year between January and April, the Norwegian coastline comes to life as 400 million Skrei fish migrate from the Barents Sea. Swimming to the spawning grounds around Norway’s Lofoten Islands. The fishing vessels home base is in three sites along the Norwegian coast. The fishermen carefully pluck our wild-caught, deep-sea Codfish from the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The fish are then inspected and packed off within 12 hours. The remaining 90% of the Skrei that migrated are brought back to the Barents Sea. They promote the continued growth of the species population.

400 million Skrei fish migrate from the Barents Sea to Norway’s Lofoten Islands.

We wanted to eliminate the possibility of illegal fishing practices. That’s why we selected a supplier with the highest traceability standards. We pride ourselves on being able to offer, produce and supply a Marine Collagen that strictly abides by MSC (marine stewardship certified) practices.

In following MSC certifications we aim to:
1) Provide sustainable fish stocks. Ensuring the fish population can remain productive and healthy;
2) Minimise the environmental impact by managing fishing activity. Protecting species and habitats as well as keeping ecosystems healthy;
3) Abide by MSC fishery laws
4) Adapt to changing environmental circumstances.

We receive certificates that contain the species, fishing vessel name, vessel registration, catch area, landing date and sale note. This means we’re 100% confident our collagen has been sourced sustainably, by people who care about the environment. Given fish and seafood are the life support for coastal communities around the world, full transparency and traceability were two factors we refused to let slide.

Norway’s long history of Sustainable Fishing

Since the early 1900s, the Norweigan Government has imposed strict laws for catching Arctic Cod. This has resulted in the long-term supply of the country’s favourite fish. In 1946, Norway was also one of the first countries worldwide to establish a Ministry of Fisheries. Focusing on International fishery agreements, National fishery regulations, aquaculture policy and management, as well as the environmental sustainability and welfare of the fish.

The Norweigan Government has placed great emphasis on preserving the country’s supply of fish.

Norway was also one of the first countries to implement fishing quotas. This ensures fishermen who exceed their quota are penalised. They only receive 20% of the value of the over-quoted fish. However, given Norway has a zero-waste policy, every fish that is caught, landed and sold in the market (after the fisherman receives his 20%) is put back into policing fisheries.

Iceland also has strict regulations around sustainable fisheries. Since 1976, Iceland has imposed a fishing zone that has an area of 370,000 square kilometres (200 miles). This zone is exclusive to the Icelandic people. Vessels from Norway, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands are also allowed to fish within the Icelandic EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) through coastal state and bilateral agreements. The zone’s sole purpose is to protect the country’s supply of Codfish.

Why it matters

With so many collagens on the market, it’s important you know where your collagen comes from. Not all collagen’s are created equal, and not all collagen suppliers source their marine-collagen from the purest of sources.

Your health is important to us. Being educated means you can make better decisions on what you put in your body.

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