What is Blue Beauty? Everything you need to know about the latest sustainability movement

There’s a new sustainability movement taking the beauty industry by storm, and eco-friendly brands are showing their support by transforming their product packaging. Blue Beauty is the latest facet of the green beauty trend, however, focuses specifically on the conservation of our oceans and the preservation of marine life.

Eight million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year, and over 70 per cent of cosmetics end up in landfill. We’re facing an environmental crisis, and if the overpackaging of single-use beauty products continues, by 2050, studies suggest there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Yikes. 

Grave concerns for the future of our planet have kicked some brands into action, meaning it’s now easier to shop while minimising your carbon footprint. Along with switching to zero-waste packaging or plastic-free packaging, brands are placing emphasis on the importance of sourcing clean ingredients sustainably, while also educating consumers on how to shop consciously. 

Enter Iluminos… 

What are we doing as a company to create change and protect our planet? 

Unless your collagen supplier explicitly tells you their source of collagen is wild-caught or sustainable, their raw material source is likely from farmed fish. Sadly, these damaging practices impact the raw materials’ quality and cause untold environmental impacts to the surrounding waterways and ecosystem. 

This doesn’t sit well with us. That’s why our Nordic Marine Collagen is 100 per cent sustainably harvested from the clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and produced from wild-caught deep-sea codfish. These fish are caught for consumption, and Iluminos uses the skin meaning there’s no wastage.

Iluminos focuses on utilising natural resources in a way that does not harm the environment, rather benefits it.

We care about what goes into your body and we’re seriously committed to doing everything we can to protect our planet and our oceans. That’s why we partnered with the most reliable and sustainable sources around the world to ensure we’re using the most ethically-grown ingredients on earth.

We understand that many fish species are near to extinction because of overfishing. And given fish and seafood are the life support of coastal communities around the world, we’re serious about only using raw materials from sustainable and ethical resources. 

Iluminos partnered with Seagarden last year to ensure our collagen can be traced all the way back to raw material, fishing vessel name, vessel registration, catch area, landing date and sale note. Seagarden is a manufacturer that focuses on using Nordic wild-caught raw materials from sustainable fishing stocks, with most of their products being MSC certified. We also worked with a collection of professionals including biochemists, nutritionists, food technologists and NATA-accredited laboratories. 

How can we do our part?

As a conscious consumer, there are simple steps you can take to increase the sustainability of our beauty routine. This ensures our oceans are teeming with life for many generations to come. Given many brands were a part of the Green Beauty movement, it won’t be difficult to find product alternatives if you’re hoping to purchase ethically sourced products. 

Switch to a reef-friendly sunscreen 

Did you know that 14, 000 tonnes of sunscreen washes into our oceans each year and is toxic to marine life? Avoid contributing to this crisis by shifting to products that are safe to wear in the water. Some examples include Tribe Skincare SPF 30+, Ultra Violette Queen Screen 50+, Bondi Sands Face SPF 50+ and Invisible Zinc SPF 50+.

Did you know that some sunscreens are extremely toxic to marine life?

Avoid certain ingredients 

Steer clear of nasty chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Both are commonly used in sunscreen and are proven to be extremely toxic to ecosystems and marine life. Oxybenzone even impairs the growth of algae, bleaches and damages coral and decreases fish fertility and reproduction.

Ditch makeup wipes 

Makeup wipes are one of the most common pieces of rubbish washing up on our shores. The average wipe takes 100 years to decompose, and the majority are not recyclable or compostable. While it’s tempting to discard them down the toilet without a second thought, they end up in landfill and often cause sewer blockages. Instead, we recommend purchasing an environmentally friendly washcloth or organic cotton fibre rounds that are washable and reusable. Face Halo‘s reusable makeup removing pads are fantastic! 

By making a few minor adjustments to your wellness routine and choosing products from eco-friendly brands with sustainable sourcing practices (ahem, us), you’re contributing to the conservation of our oceans and marine life. 

The above information is general in nature and is intended for educational use only. Here at Iluminos we understand that every individual is not the same and that we are all created differently. If you are concerned about your skin health, seeking help from a qualified health professional is always recommended.

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