The ultimate Iluminos Mother’s Day gift guide

Filled with dozens of unexpected twists and turns, the last year has been rather challenging for us all. But in between homeschooling, lockdowns, chores, work and running around after the kids, no one has taken on more responsibility than our hero mums. We owe them more than a ‘thank you’ after everything they’ve done for us – and that’s why we’re kicking it up a notch this Mother’s Day!

Aside from breakfast in bed, a relaxing bubble bath and a big cuddle, give your mum or the mother figure in your life the gift of beautiful glowy skin all year round with Iluminos’ everyday supplements. They’ll boost her confidence and give her the plumpness, glow and volume associated with youthful skin!

And at the end of the day, that’s what most mum’s are after!

For the hard to please mum… why not try it all!

Repair, rebuild and revive mum’s glow with Iluminos’ Foundation Trio. Although there’s no magic beauty fix (uh, if only), a multifaceted approach to skincare is required to balance the system as a whole. That’s why our special bundle offers our star product, Nordic Marine Collagen, as well as our Rejuvenate and Gut Replenish powders.

Our products are designed to work together to heal the gut, boost collagen production, support the body against damaging free radicals and improve hair, skin and nail health! Rather than taking a handful of different vitamins every day, mum can boost her health from within just by adding our powders into her morning smoothie or post-workout shake. It’s that simple!

Repair, rebuild and revitalise with our Iluminos bundle!

For the beauty buff mum

If your mum’s a skin-care junkie, our Nordic Marine Collagen is about to become her favourite beauty supplement! Ethically and sustainably sourced from the pristine Arctic waters, our premium product is the purest source of marine collagen on earth.

With its fundamental face-perking credentials and anti-ageing superpowers, our collagen contains vital ingredients that promise to give mum’s skin an added oomph.

The best part? It tastes delicious! No fishy smell, no added nasties, no artificial sugars, no fillers, just a dash of organic stevia powder and a rich blend of nutrients that promote stronger hair, thicker nails and smoother skin.

Pair it with a jade face roller for the ultimate skin gift!

For the health conscious mum

Research tells us that what you put in your body directly impacts your skin. If mum’s busy and usually eats on the go, our Gut Replenish supplement will help balance the healthy microbiome in her gut, so she can maintain that lit-from-within glow.

Rich in probiotics, prebiotics and a fermented blend of nutrients, our supplement finds natural ways to support the healthy bacteria in her gut— which ultimately leads to a clearer complexion. With a potent dose of Vitamin C— which contains anti-inflammatory properties— she’s also protecting her body against damaging free radicals that cause ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

Remember, supporting a healthy internal state always promotes healthier skin! Show your mum how much you care by giving her the gift of that glow!

Get your tummy health on track with our Gut Replenish

We hope we’ve solved your problem if you were stuck for gift ideas! Help mum look and feel her best from the inside out with a little help from our beauty supplements. They’re backed by science, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and proven to make a noticeable difference to mum’s overall health and wellbeing.

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