Feed Your Glow With This Berry Blitz Collagen Smoothie Recipe

Start your morning right with our delicious berry smoothie from Feed Me Glow’s Shannon Tang! It’ll help you glow from the inside out! Not only is our recipe creamy, rich and filling, but it’s packed with nature’s best ingredients that are guaranteed to nourish your body! 

It wouldn’t be an Iluminos smoothie recipe without a few teaspoons of our Nordic Marine collagen! It’s scientifically proven to help reduce fine lines and face wrinkles, support softer, more supple skin, and improve the strength of your hair and nails.

Using the skin of wild-caught codfish, our collagen is ethically and sustainably sourced from the pristine Arctic waters of Norway. Its low molecular weight means it’s easily digestible and better absorbed than other forms of collagen on the market. 

For an added boost of collagen, we like to add our Rejuvenate powder into the mix. It’s packed with Vitamin C which helps protect your skin against the sun and damaging free radicals. It also contains ingredients that boost your immunity and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial to skin, hair and nail health. 

We like to keep our recipes simple and easy-to-make so they’re perfect when you’re on the go or in a rush.


  1. A handful of frozen berries ⁠
  2. A handful of frozen cauliflower or avocado (we promise you can’t taste this! It just helps with the creamy texture)⁠
  3. ⁠2 tsp of Iluminos Nordic Marine collagen⁠
  4. 1 tsp of Iluminos Rejuvenate⁠
  5. Plant milk + water⁠


  1. Combine all ingredients into a blender mix well. If you prefer your smoothies on the chillier side, add some crushed ice! 
  2. Top it off with some Cacao nibs, shredded coconut and shredded almonds 

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