Beauty Benefits Of Marine Collagen

The Superior Benefits of Marine Collagen 

Collagen is the glue that holds the body together.  It makes up one-third of the protein available in the body and assists with the formation of fibrous cells (fibroblasts) found in the middle layer of the skin (the dermis). This is where old cells get replaced with new cells. These long molecules group together as supporting structures to provide the skin with strength and elasticity.

After the age of 20, a person will produce 1% less collagen in the skin each year.  This results in the skin becoming more fragile and thin, leading to wrinkles.  Supplementing that loss by taking collagen daily is vital to preventing the signs of ageing.  

Not all collagens are created equal, however; some are better than others.  At Iluminos we only use Marine Collagen. Iluminos Nordic Marine Collagen comes from deep-sea cod fish, found in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  The collagen from these fish is type 1, the same found in humans.  

There are several benefits to this type of marine collagen:

Higher Absorption Rates:

The absorption rate, or bioavailability, of marine collagen peptides, has shown to be 1.5 times more effective than collagen from bovine or porcine.  That’s because Type 1 collagen is the predominant collagen found in humans.  Type 1 is produced from stored cells in the skin and connective and bone tissues. This makes it highly absorbable by the body.

Illuminos Nordic Marine collagen is produced via a special process called enzymatic hydrolysis. This results in Hydrolysed Collagen.  This means the collagen peptides are broken down to become more water-soluble.  These collagen peptides have a lower molecular weight, therefore having greater uptake in the human body. 

Ageing prevention and reduction:

Hydrolysed collagen is an important component in assisting in the prevention of ageing from both natural and external factors. It’s also been shown to reverse signs of ageing. Collagen can help improve deep wrinkles, skin hydration and skin elasticity, and also the musculoskeletal system.

A healthier, stronger body: 

Marine collagen is high in the amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline which provide a range of benefits to the body:

  • Glycine’s is essential for the healthy development of the skeleton, muscles, and tissues. It’s core function is to synthesise proteins and plays a role in the formation of tendons, ligaments, and collagen. It also aids in the process of repairing damaged skin.  
  • Proline stimulates cellular migration and contributes to new tissue development of the wound-healing phase.
  • Hydroxyproline plays a critical role in the stability of collagen.  It depends on vitamin C for its stabilising function.  A deficiency in vitamin C decreases the conversion of proline to hydroxyproline. This can lead to reduced collagen stability. 

Collagen is a vital component of our body and supports overall health in a number of ways. Taking a daily dose of collagen with a Vitamin C booster can prevent the signs of ageing, reverse ageing effects, and support a healthy body.  Iluminos products are designed to support maximum well-being and skin health.  Australian-owned and sourced from the purest waters, Iluminos is a brand you can trust.

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