Our Vision

Iluminos was built with three things at its core:

1. Potency

Targeted ingredients are important; correct dosage is almost more so. Formulating products to ensure optimal bio-availability isn’t as easy as it seems. For a formulation to work, you need to start with a nutrient-dense raw material, process those nutrients properly, and combine them with the right dose of supportive nutrients to ensure they’re absorbed and utilised by the body. That’s why we choose to work with a collection of professionals including biochemists, nutritionists, food technologists and NATA-accredited laboratories. We also use the highest level of testing standards to ensure our ingredients will make a difference from the inside out. 

2. Transparency

Beginning with sourcing, and right up until packaging, we take total responsibility for every inch of the process. Why? Because we don’t see another way. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality possible for the least amount of environmental impact; and we will never cut corners, no matter what it takes.

We’ve partnered with the most reliable suppliers around the world, to ensure we’re using the most ethically-grown and nutrient-dense raw ingredients on earth.

3. Empowerment

We believe you have the power to make choices right for you. That can only happen if you’re empowered with the information necessary to make educated decisions. We will always share the important stuff so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Carbon Emissions

Iluminos, as an Indigo Blu Organics brand, is proud to take part in a closed-loop sustainability program. All Iluminos blends aim to be certified Carbon Neutral by 2021. We aim to do this by planting trees on a farm in the South Coast of NSW.

Land for Wildlife is a program to support private landholders who voluntarily provide and enhance habitat for native wildlife on their properties within the state. Indigo Blu Organics donates money towards nesting boxes and the Quollidor Project.

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